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Client-Side Scripting Services

Microsoft ASP.NET server control's functionality can be performed on the server-side whereas the usability of a server control can be improved to a greater extent by adding client-side script. ASP.NET server control emits two types of the client-side script such as Client-side script blocks and Client-side HTML attributes.

Enaviya consists of a proficient team to work with our esteemed clients. They make certain updating that the client side scripting is perfect when the page elements need to be changed without contacting the database. Client-side scripts were written in language likes JavaScript, Angular JS, and VBScript which interact directly with the page's HTML elements like text boxes, list boxes, buttons, and tables. HTML and cascading style sheets are also used in the client and in together to work, the client's internet browser must support these languages.

Client side scripting is continually developing as it is growing simpler and defers to use. By using client-side scripting websites are faster, more proficient and less workload to the server.

We employ the following tools for the ASP.NET client side scripting namely:

  • VBScript & JScript : Microsoft JScript is a reverse-engineered version of JavaScript which runs on on ASP.NET framework
  • AngularJS : An incredibly vigorous JavaScript framework which is used for data-heavy sites
  • Jquery : Jquery is a client side library written in JavaScript
  • Ajax : Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a technology which allows precise parts of a site to be updated without a page refresh by asynchronously connecting to the database

The following are the usage of ASP.NET Client Side Scripting.

  • Makes interactive web pages
  • Interacts with temporary storage
  • Sends requests to the server
  • Makes stuff work dynamically
  • Retrieves data from Server
  • Provides remote access for client server program