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ASP.NET Web Applications Development Services

Web service recognizes the broader business perspective where the economic business and technical factors pushing the standardized web services and .NET based application adoption. We provide access to web-based services to augment or extend the functionality of business applications that connected to reside on the desktop from our ASP.NET web services.

A web service is a method used to exchange XML-based information between systems or applications. Our expertise on web service development has produced proven results. Web Methods are invoked by Hyper Text Transfer Protocol requests. Clients call exposed web service methods via standard internet protocols .XML (Extended Markup Language) documents are text-based.

The proxy class object should be created by the client app and the actual call is made to a "Proxy class" local to the client. It can be done through Visual Studio IDE while creating a "Web Reference". It's actually done by the WSDL.exe (Web Service Description Language) utility program.

A web service contains one or more functions called over the internet

  • Clients call exposed methods of the web service using standard internet protocols
  • Methods are invoked by HTTP requests
  • Data format used for requests is usually SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • Self-describing text-based XML documents
  • Both client and server must be connected to the internet
  • Client makes a call to the web service method

The only requirement is that both server & client be able to send and receive messages that conform to the proper protocol standard

From the following ways, web services will be created using Visual Studio

  • ASMX Web Service (Traditional Web Service using SOAP)
  • ASP.NET Web API (The modern Web Service using REST)
  • WCF Service: A general approach used to create all kind of communication including web services, both REST and SOAP