NET Framework Development Support on SQL Server

We proficiently provide the .NET framework data provider services by providing data access for Microsoft SQL Server.

We find and establish a connection to a database, execute commands and retrieve the result. It builds a nominal layer between the data source and code with an increase in performance. Being lightweight, it supports both local and distributed transactions.

The namespace System Data.SqlClient must be referenced in an application to use the .NET Framework data provider for SQL Server. This namespace proactively allows access to different versions of SQL Server, which encapsulates database-specific protocols.

Many attributes of SQL Server supports building secure database applications. SQL Server provides a security architecture that has been intended to allow the database developers and administrators to build secure database applications and counter threats.

SQL Server supports Windows authentication mode and mixed mode, the former is the default one and referred as integrated security while the latter supports authentication by both Windows and by SQL Server. Different versions of SQL Server will use role-based security that enables you to grant permission to a role or group of users.

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