SQL Server Reporting into .NET Application

ASP.NET Report gives you the way to implement report sheet, which is use to view summations, counts, or an entire set of records. The reporting services sheets serve ERP, a point of sale stock market, and other applications.

We provide various SQL servers reporting services enables you to design and deploy nicely formatted and interactive reports that can represent your data. We ensure a highly suitable for print or online distribution, these reports and it allows you to get professional results very quickly.

Rather than installing the reporting services or adding DLL file, just use the .NET framework. Microsoft promotes Reporting services as part of their Business Intelligence solution. We assist you to use Typed Dataset as Data Source for ASP.NET Report.

In today's world Developers need to know two important points:

  • Performance
  • Developing Time

Reporting service provides a quick way to finish your report module. They also enhance the performance of web page rendering and page size. An in-built version of crystal reports and Microsoft Reporting Service Report (SQL Server Reporting Service SSRS) are the two types of ASP.NET Reports.


ASP.NET Reporting service comes up with advanced experience issue. We include a complete set of tools which helps to create, manage, and deliver reports and API that enable developers to integrate or extend data and report processing in custom applications.

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