NET Application Supports Services

The blend of innovation and technology has enabled organizations to widely use our products and services. Microsoft locates the middle tier application in windows operating system and the .NET framework as an application server. Internet Information Services (IIS) is included in the Windows application server allowing web server support, the .NET framework enables application support and ASP.NET provides server-side scripting.

We provide a wide range of applications supported by .NET Framework which includes Console, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, .NET and ASP.NET.

Common type system (CTS) is introduced by .NET Framework which defines the complete set of data types and programming constructs supported by Common Language Runtime (CLR). This enhanced feature enables the .NET Framework to exchange the types and object instances with libraries and applications written in .NET compatible language.

We support that the .NET Framework is designed to integrate IIS and COM+ to run dependable application hosting services.

We make certain that the substantial performance of the .NET applications will be boosted with this integration. It depends on one or more servers to host the web applications.

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