Auction Website Development

We ensure the highest standards in web designing for our solutions in online auction website development.

Online Auction Website Development Solutions

Online auction houses are virtual marketplaces where sellers are enabled to offer their products and services on sale for a specific time period to the highest bidder. Many e-commerce giants such as e-Bay have capitalized on the idea setting the trend for online auction business model to generate revenue. Buyers are given the chance to go through detailed online auction catalogues containing elaborate product descriptions and place bids on items of interest. This is one aspect of e-Commerce that is gaining ground with the passage of time and growth of communication technology.

We design and develop online auction websites with an aim to attract the global pool of buyers and sellers. This empowers retail and wholesale organizations to diversify their sources of revenue and expand operations. Our solutions provide a smooth and efficient platform over which buyers can communicate with the sellers before placing their bid.

  • Online auction website solutions can serve an enterprise in selling its own products and services or aid in acting as a facilitator between buyer and seller for communication and transactional purposes
  • Online auctions can be designed to accommodate reserve, absolute, open and closed type of auctions. These refer to auctions with sale being made only after set minimum price is crossed by bids, auctions without minimum price, auctions with minimum price and set incremental bids where all buyers are made aware and finally the where a limited set of buyers are made aware of the auction.
  • Auction sites can serve as a plug-in ready for integration with an existing website or as an independent auction site to generate revenue on its own

We ensure the highest standards in web designing for our solutions in online auction website development. This is done by the innovative features we offer along with our solutions for auctions sites that include:

  • Detailed cataloguing of products and services for the convenience of the buyer to enable unimpeded buyer access
  • The implementation of the latest standards in SSL encryption and credit card processing standards such as SET to set up and support secure online transaction processing
  • Customized online auction solutions based on user need such as lowest bid auction or highest bid auction, etc. as is required by the customer
  • Features enabling the client to monitor bids placed by buyers in real time along with managing and setting the minimum bid price for the prospective buyer
  • Communication between the client and the potential buyer or bidder which ensures seamless transactions