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Web Application Framework Development Services

A framework in context of software development is a set of prewritten code or libraries which provide functionality common to a whole class of applications. The framework can be seen as a base or a skeleton to build upon. In relation to libraries a framework gives a broader span of functionalities. Libraries are often more focused on solving a narrow scope. Typically a framework provides a predefined structure for the application. The purpose of using a framework is basically to speed up development by not having to rewrite features and structure that are commonly used in most web applications. Instead of inventing the wheel over and over again the developer has many wheels that are already tested and working properly.

The following are benefits business gets by web application framework development:

  • Reuse of working code that has already been built, tested, and used by other developers increases reliability and reduces developing time. Time is major cost in software development and by decreasing time one can cut costs.
  • Get (free) help from others. By letting others (the framework) take care of common issues, like security, internalization, localization, etc., one will get (free) "outsourcing" from skilled developers.
  • A framework can help the developer to use a specific architecture or design pattern, often Model-View-Control (MVC), and general best practices. This will make it easier for incoming developer to understand the code and quicker start working with it.
  • Framework can support "high level" of programming, by code modularity. Basic tasks, like login and database handling, can be in the framework and separated in another layers is business logic.
  • By upgrading one's framework it might give extra features without extra implementation.
  • It helps new inexperienced developers to easier adopt design patterns and understand the thinking behind following a design pattern.

The following were the services we provide to develop the web application frameworks such as:

Zend PHP Web Application Framework Development

Zend Framework is an enterprise grade accumulation of reusable components that web designers can use and expand upon to make advanced website and software functionality.

CodeIgniter PHP Web Application Framework Development

CodeIgniter is an open source quick advancement web application for use in building dynamic sites with PHP.

CakePHP Framework Development

CakePHP is an open source framework that is use to create customized web applications based on PHP and Model View Controller architecture.

Laravel PHP Web Application Framework

Laravel offers a robust set of tools and an application architecture that incorporates many of the best features of frameworks

Angular JS Web Application Framework Development

AngularJS is a framework to build large scale, high performance, and easy to-maintain web applications.

Ember.js Framework Development

Ember.js is a JavaScript MVC framework that helps you organize and structure the source code for large web applications.

Microsoft .NET Web Application Framework Development

.NET development can be done with the help of the following languages such as C#, Visual Basic.Net, Jscript, and J#.ASP.NET development essentially reduces the amount of code required for building substantial and complex applications which can expand general development speed and lessen development costs.