News Website Development Services

Today's news is delivered at lightning speed with the newspaper and media industry looking to the internet for instant dissemination of news and information on a global scale. This leads to an information hungry global population that is hooked to the internet for news that streams in live and in real time. The user is able to skip physical news resources entirely (such as print media) and have access to news instantly on a variety of devices such as the smartphone, tablet or PC in the present day. All a person needs to do these days to access the latest news is to access a reliable news website through any smart device available to the person.

As required by a domain of this nature, we design websites which are creative, thorough, search engine friendly and also responsive when it comes to loading times. Our news and information websites are consistent with the vision of the client with respect to brand image and information delivery.

  • News and information website design require fast loading times for media and good third party news feeds that keep the audience updated on the latest global news
  • The user interface should be simple and easy to use, directing the user to the news article using a minimum number of clicks
  • The content management system has to be robust being able to take on multiple requests from more than one admin for change or creation of content

Our comprehensive web solutions for news and information websites focus on the news delivery methods specified by the client to get the site visitors the required news content. We achieve our objective of client dictated news and information delivery using our innovative web design using these features;

  • High levels of SEO optimization for the website using currently trending keywords according to the news item
  • Social Media Integration for discussion forums which are a staple of news websites to boost user engagement
  • Dynamic CMS which is equipped with a admin management panel for easy input and modification of news article and media
  • Strategic web design conducted to maximize online visibility and create opportunities for generating ad revenue on the site
  • Cost effective web design which meets client needs while maintaining quality which is well above industry standards

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