Ember.js Development Services

Ember.js is a JavaScript MVC framework that helps you organize and structure the source code for large web applications. In comparison to other popular JavaScript application frameworks, it delivers a more complete MVC pattern, while also including features to help you build applications for the web of tomorrow. It's also one of the more opinionated frameworks available, relying heavily on convention over configuration to help you structure your application.

Ember.js has built-in support for the following features:

  • Bindings - Enables the changes to one variable to propagate into another variable and vice versa
  • Computed properties - Enables you to mark functions as properties that automatically update along with the properties they rely on
  • Automatically updated templates - Ensures that your GUI stays up to date whenever changes occur in the underlying data.

Combine these features with a strong and well-planned Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Ember.js features a Handlebars integrated template that automatically updates underlying model data changes. Components are its most powerful feature using which we can create our own app-specific HTML tags, where Handlebars are used to create the mark-up and JavaScript to implement custom behaviour. Ember framework uses jQuery to fetch data models from the server, which helps in easily retrieving JSON stored on the server.

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