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E-learning is the fastest growing online industry throughout the world with companies shifting towards online learning for more efficient learning. The key to the success of any organisation is the training that it offers its employees to perform their job optimally. After seeing businesses shift online in parts or en-masse, the next big step in online evolution is the implementation of e-learning on various levels in organizations of all sizes. An e-learning portal covers a broad spectrum of application based training to certifications and courses. Whereas an education portal on the other hand is a dedicated avenue for imparting knowledge with or without a focus on application of knowledge gained.

We develop elearning and education portals for small, medium and large scale organizations such as universities, colleges, and corporates in every domain from IT to manufacturing, healthcare organizations and so on. Any organization that requires training for its employees, no matter the size has the potential to dramatically improve employee efficiency by implementing online training using an e-learning and education portal.

  • A well designed e-learning program in a company can reduce employee training costs, reduce logistics and training overheads and without fail up the efficiency of the employees
  • An education portal for the right organization can increase interest of the learner towards the subject of interest and streamline the knowledge transfer process
  • E-learning can be used either as an in-house training resource or as a diversified source of income for a corporation based on its usage

We offer cutting edge learning solutions to clients that aids learners grasp learning content seamlessly using a dazzling blend of visual and written content that hooks the learner onto the content. Our focus is to making learning an engaging process for the learner thus speeding up the learning process and achieving the learning objectives with a minimum expenditure of time and effort by the learner. We aim to deliver ground-breaking e-learning and education portals with the following features:

  • Highly customized learning solutions which are dictated by the needs of the client and are highly scalable and can be deployed very easily
  • SCORM compliant content which enables the client to track the progress of the learner
  • Well-designed Learning Management System (LMS) that enables the admin to execute reporting and tracking functions with great ease
  • Custom plug-ins developed for delivering, documenting and administering learning processes without hassles over several platforms
  • Automation as required by the client for learning processes which reduces downtime and increases work results
  • Message boards, chat applications, discussion boards and course management features which work across various platforms with ease

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