Business to Customer (B2C) Website Development Services

In the past decades retail sales involved inventory management, cash flow and customer service skills. But in the current day scenario the website is the first line of contact with the customer who checks out the product or service online before making a decision to purchase. If the website is unappealing then the sales lead is lost at this very stage. The retail website or the Business to Consumer (B2C) website is hence the first line of defence against losing sales leads. B2C sites sell products, services and information directly to end-users.

We are adept at providing B2C website development using cross-industry knowledge and expertise. We make sure that the customer finds the user interface friendly and appealing, which ensures further engagement with the enterprise beyond the website.

  • The tailored web design for will ensure higher productivity and increased revenue
  • Simplified User interface will lead to lower business overheads and lower customer overheads
  • The website can be wired to analyse sales statistics and employ that data in the business in real time as it is gathered to improve existing interface

B2C has the core idea of connecting directly with their consumers and focuses on sales using direct channels through to consumers. This is possible using our Business to Customer (B2C) Website Design & Development services such as:

  • Dynamic bulletin board indicating location, timings and varying inventory and product and service ranges which will help users get information easily
  • Integration of e-mail marketing with your website using email signup forms using which users can be kept abreast of special offers and discounts. This greatly boosts sales
  • SEO optimized web pages that guarantee high website visibility when users search for keywords relating to your specific product or services
  • Discussion forums and message boards for inter-user interaction and activity for promotional purposes

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