Business to Business (B2B) Website Development

While online businesses have stepped up the game for businesses modelled on current technology, business to business (B2B) websites deal with products and services which handle a much larger slice of revenue and enterprise scope. This makes it important to nail the design and development aspects down to a T. These websites will have to weigh creativity and professionalism on an even scale to hit the right notes of online business success. A B2B portal is usually designed to optimize business in various ways and increasing the bottom line.

We create versatile website designs to accommodate B2B client needs such as customizable user interface, and a rich user experience. Our increased customer engagement ensures higher click through rates and better scope for conversions.

  • B2B development focused on user conversion from the front end simultaneously enhancing efficiency in the back end
  • web design will achieve genuine traffic, increased sales leads and proportional conversions
  • Highly optimized web design can be used an augmentation of physical marketing and sales team hence extending the reach and resourcefulness of both teams

B2B websites optimize business and boost enterprise efficiency. Also they are responsible for development of distribution channels and ensure a competitive advantage in an upright market. B2B has its main priorities in management of supply chain seamlessly integrates distributors and product or service origin. Enaviya helps to achieve these goals by these services:

  • Detailed, relevant and effective information on enterprise products and services for B2B websites will help customers choose from the selection of services thus increasing conversions
  • Layered content for users ensures that content summaries on each page are concise and have high visibility
  • Easily downloadable content on enterprise products and services is essential for user engagement
  • Advanced B2B portal support and application development from Admin point of view

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