"The reason we looked at using providers...is the domain experience. It's not just technical talent that is going to make offshore product development work. It's really about bringing in people who can understand a specific domain."
IT Manager, Volvo India

Web Solutions

Web Solutions are now an integral part of any organizations as there is a growing demand for organizations to improve their online presence. It has now become an integral part of their marketing strategy. Modern day web solutions not only focus on innovation, but also focus on integration of technology fundamentals across a myriad of platforms with core competence on the business logics of the organization.

Web Application Development

Web applications have now penetrated across different platforms. To address the worrying issue of integrating a common application across different devices, our state of the art infrastructure and expertise ensure you a resourceful web application solution across multiple devices. Intrinsically, we emphasize on the overall implications your business operates within.

The framework of our web applications development team is set on the following objectives:

  • Integrate media and business objectives
  • Demographic influence
  • Adhere to the optimum approaches and applicability standards
  • Brand building through creative hypothesis of content.

Website development

Web development solutions significantly contribute in providing a faultless system. It covers all web based services from conceptualizing, design to programming and optimizing the data base management. Our web products are integrated across an array of platforms like electronic businesses, web content development and social media services.

Our Web development solutions use concepts of open source tools like Drupal which provide both a content management system and content management framework. We also work on Joomla to create software design patterns for object oriented programming paradigms and MySQL and MS SQL database.

Besides these our prolific team also provides full fledged automated business solutions to work across multitude of platforms. We also provide e-commerce website development, web portal development and online shopping solutions for e-commerce sites.

CMS development

Content management system is a crucial aspect of web applications, optimizing data to cater to multiple search engine algorithms contemplates the necessity for a comprehensive deployment of content management system .Our CMS solutions asserts you with power to edit, delete and update data seamlessly through multiple devices and keep your blogs, polls, articles, surveys, social networks and other functional modules updated.

Having an updated content increases web traffic and also reduces the burden on Search Engine Optimizers. Our CMS system enables you to handle data across different platforms whether it is inflow or outflow, providing web based publishing, revision control, indexing, content retrieving, content searching, and other aspects helping you in all possible ways to manage your web content.

Open source

Providing a cost effective solution necessitates the use of open source based solutions. Open source being widely used across multiple platforms our team of experts provide you with solutions at affordable rates. Basing our open source team objective on this premise we offer an efficient service to leverage on them.

  • Open source based development reduces the cost extensively.
  • It is designed for work - published interfaces and has no hidden code
  • It is written to ensure backward compatibility. Backward compatible refers to a hardware or software system that can successfully use interfaces and data from earlier versions of the system or with other systems
  • Since the codes are open source it is easy to develop complex algorithms

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