Custom Software Development Services

Organizations are like fingerprints - unique and different from one another. Even similar organizations have different operating processes and requirements. A commercial off-the-shelf software neither satisfies all the demands and nor is it cost effective. The company is forced to compromise on software features despite spending excessively. With custom software application development services, the company can obtain customised software purely based on the need of the company to help fulfil their business objectives.

Custom Software Development

Enaviya's custom software development services ensure that your company's business strategies and requirements are effectively met by the software built for you. Enaviya's software development team exhaustively studies your objectives and software requirements, designs, architects, develops and tests the software with the help of their experienced business analysts and application developers.

With the help of Enaviya's custom software development services, you can integrate the software across multiple platforms to enable optimal operation of the business applications.

Custom Software Development Services

  • Feasibility and requirement analysis
  • Offshore custom software development
  • Application design, architecture development and implementation
  • User interface design, web development
  • Software product development services for ISV
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • Systems integration and consolidation
  • Re-engineering, migration, modernization, performance tuning and porting services
  • Implementation of off-the-shelf system and software packages such as SharePoint

Technology & Domain Expertise in Custom Software Development

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