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Technology outgrows itself every day and you need someone to keep up with it so that your business is never inconvenienced.

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CMS Website Development

A number of content management software is being introduced into the market but not all of them are secure. Since the launch of Google Panda, a number of prominent companies have taken a hit and have lost their listing on top pages of Google and they are being replaced by companies that register constant and continuous activity on their websites. This requires the companies to regularly update the contents of their websites.

Hard coding the website every time one needs to update the content is strenuous and requires a great deal of time investment. One requires a flexible and automated content management solution that allows the user to control and manage the content within the website without much hassle.

Enaviya's Content Management Systems

Enaviya's content management systems (CMS) allow you to keep your company’s website content as up to date as you wish, without needing any knowledge or experience on HTML and web programming. It reduces the time to publish the updated content, thus minimizing your website’s downtime. Enaviya’s content management system allows the user to edit, create and publish new pages on the website within the existing website structure and design.

Intended for reducing the cost of maintenance of a website, this system enables the use of different applications on an existing platform. Since the user need not have experience with web programming, you can even train a non-technical staff to maintain your website.

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IT Manager, Volvo India
"The reason we looked at using the domain experience. It's not just technical talent that is going to make offshore product development work. It's really about bringing in people who can understand a specific domain. We came to the realization that Volvo can't do everything, even with a center like Bangalore. For us to build expertise and do all the things that we would want is nearly impossible." ..More

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