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Spend Analysis Software

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With spend analysis, you can uncover saving opportunities and gain better insights to the company's spend patterns and buying practices. You can access a detailed view of purchase details, vendor details, and transaction details. You no longer have to rely on data sheets that are being transported from different departments of your company.

With EnavPurchase, you can keep tabs on all the company expenditure for procurement in one place. It allows you to classify the data according to your convenience to improve readability. Since EnavPurchase is a web- based application, it can easily connect you to the largest community of trading experts and spend management analysts, providing you with market and business opinions and suggestions if necessary.

EnavPurchase's Spend Analysis Feature

With EnavPurchase's spend analysis feature, you can:

  • Gain clarity on Enterprise-wide spend
  • Analyse the company spending
  • Reduce risk
  • Identify saving opportunities
  • Improve conformity

Why EnavPurchase's Spend Analysis?

  • It accesses spend data from any location, internal or external.
  • It cleans the extracted data so you can see only the details that you find necessary
  • Easy organization of spend data
  • Provides a panoramic view of the company spending: by product or service and by dealer
  • Suppliers can be ranked based on an evaluation criteria so you buy from the best
  • Easy scalability
  • Provides cost saving opportunities by suggesting the best spend practices