Forward Online Auction Software System

EnavAuction not only benefits the buyers, it also proves to be a great asset to the suppliers as well. With EnavAuction, the vendors can participate in online auctions held across the world and ensure that they never miss out on a promising opportunity.

Forward Auction (Supplier) System Feature

Forward Auction Software
  • Since the process is conducted online, the suppliers can request for more information and receive it faster. This can be beneficial in making quicker business decisions.
  • EnavAuction allows the supplier to be more upfront in their planning, thereby increasing the chances of landing the contract.
  • Auction lets the suppliers know where they stand in terms of market position and pricing with immediate feedback. This can enable them to make adjustments if they choose.
  • EnavAuction provides complete transparency in the bidding process, eliminating the risk of fraud.
  • It allows the vendors to obtain new clients while still catering effectively to the existing customer.
  • It promotes better communication between the buyer and supplier, reducing the chances of miscommunication.

EnavAuction greatly contributes to the growth of the resources in the company through forward auction.

  • Since the price is decided by the buyers and not the seller, the supplier is ensured that he will obtain the best price for the product
  • The product is guaranteed to sell
  • It greatly reduces time to negotiate
  • The product is bound to be sold at a greater profit than what the supplier anticipated.
  • The software completely eliminates fraudulent transaction

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