PHP to ASP.NET Migration Solutions

For quicker and reliable decisions, you need to have insights of the market. The PHP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant is one of the leading technologies in today's market that enables you to convert PHP pages and applications to ASP.NET, both let you construct complex web applications.

We believe that ASP.NET is not a language but it's a set of technology in the Microsoft .NET framework. While the simple PHP operations can be easily converted to ASP.NET, the complex applications will require vigilant planning.

The migration process is not wholly automatic, but our team helps the project to speed up with the automatic steps involved in migration. The migration assistant will create the new project files with extension .aspx and the original file references will be updated.

References in a PHP file can be found in Include functions, included files using the Script tag, href tag and form action attribute.

We provide a platform to review the source code and analyze the variables along with other language elements that are used to declare acquiring a strong-typed migrated ASP.NET application.

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