Our expertise offers a compact foundation for the top of the line migration or high-grade integration.

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Microsoft .NET Migration Support

The effective .NET migration has several advanced IT benefits to organizations in a cost-effective way. When you have developed the project in an earlier version, a new release of .NET framework is announced with an advantage of functionality with an effective track record of remodelling applications from legacy platforms to .NET platform. We provide appropriate viable changes to your application for a new version which is said to be Migration.

Business applications will be revived to go outdated in a lucrative high competent way. .NET framework versions and dependencies, Application Compatibility in the .NET Framework, superseded class library, and the new features must be reviewed prior to the updating process.

Our expertise offers a compact foundation for the top of the line migration or high-grade integration. We provide the following microsoft NET migration services with effective functionality track record are:

  • NET migration services
  • NET upgrade and transformation services
  • Introduced migration approaches across variety of legacy systems
  • Best migration methodology from expertise in research and analysis
  • High quality supports with swift customization

Our enhanced services in .NET migration are specially designed for our clients. They include,

ASP to ASP.NET Migration

A seamless experience is offered for increased performance, state management, scalability, configuration, deployment, security and XML web service infrastructure over ASP.

VB to VB.NET Migration

Our team's deep insightful of the legacy and understanding of the end environment is required. The process involved in migration is to prepare a code for migration, upgrade the code, solving the issues in code and build the VB.NET project with migrated code.

Legacy to .NET Migration

Our team provides you the insights of the legacy application migration features, which include re-designing, migration to various databases, GUI Migration, application implementation, maintenance, and support.

PHP to ASP.NET Migration

We provide a platform to review the source code and analyze the variables along with other language elements that are used to declare acquiring a strong-typed migrated ASP.NET application.

Support / Maintenance Microsoft .NET Applications

Enviya uses a methodology to manage the applications and it easily enables the operators to deploy, monitor and troubleshoot.