Legacy Applications to Latest .NET Migration

Demanding and wide-ranging enabled software for every organization we offer Legacy to .NET Migration. The legacy software migration enables change from traditional mainframe to client/server architecture with improved accessibility.

Our team provides you the insights of the legacy application migration features, which include re-designing, migration to various databases, GUI Migration, application implementation, maintenance, and support.

The need of the legacy application migration is due to the complex architecture, integration problems and difficulty in upgrading the system. With complex coding, the deployment of a well designed solution will reduce the cost and time delay.

To make your business centricity, Enaviya provide the service of interfacing with legacy applications that offer new information and services. The legacy system has to be repurposed into Software as a Service (SaaS) applications if an assessment is performed for the first time.

To mitigate the data loss and risk, it is recommended to apply the reliable data loss protection safeguards. In general, the architecture of legacy languages will not integrate with other IT systems.

Enaviya strategy to our clients is that migration ensures the functionality of the system during the complete modernization effort is expected incrementally to get rid of the operational risks.

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