ADO.NET Entity Framework Services

Microsoft's Entity Framework designed simplifying data (object conversion) and embedding data access queries into program code. Entity Framework is an Object Relational Mapper which is aimed to increase the developer's productivity by dropping the redundant tasks of carrying the data used in the applications to work with relational data using domain-specific objects. Microsoft .NET Entity Framework supports ASP.NET Core to create a model with the new version of the popular object-relational mapper from Microsoft.

We provide both Database-first (Designer) and Code-first approaches, a lightweight and extensible version of the popular entity framework data access technology. We as well provide some of the world-class features of Entity Framework and Database-specific to the customers such as:

Entity Framework Features

  • Support for LINQ to Entities and Entity SQL
  • Entity Framework Canonical Functions Support
  • Dynamic Database Creation and Deletion Support
  • Entity Framework Spatial Support

Database Specific Features

  • Wide support for Datatypes
  • Wide support for Stored Procedures
  • Wide Support for Database-specific Functions
  • Full-text Search Support
  • Batch Updates
  • Light and Optimized SQL

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