ASP.NET and ColdFusion Integration Services

We securely deal with one of the best integration services more accurately known as CFML.We make it easier for you by interacting the.NET with ColdFusion; our services make .NET components to be available locally and invoke .NET components directly from CFM using cfobject and createobject.

Some of the best features for ASP.NET and ColdFusion Integration are:

  • Seamless (No configuration) - The process where a new module or feature of an application or hardware is added or linked without invoking any issues of discernable errors or complications
  • Location independent - Components can be remote or local
  • Platform independent - The ColdFusion can be on any platform calling .NET on a windows platform
  • Hot development of assemblies
  • Access to multiple .NET servers
  • Secure - Automatic conversion from/to basic CF data types and .NET data types

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