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Our Products

  • EnavExpense

    Travel & Expense Management System

  • EnavPurchase

    Procurement Management Software

  • EnavAuction

    Online Auction Management System

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Client Testimonials

"The reason we looked at using the domain experience. It's not just technical talent that is going to make offshore product development work. It's really about bringing in people who can understand a specific domain. We came to the realization that Volvo can't do everything, even with a center like Bangalore. For us to build expertise and do all the things that we would want is nearly impossible."

IT Manager, Volvo India

"The Enaviya AX team did a great job managing and executing the Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Implementation. From day one, they hit the ground running and kept their heads down until the end. Each one of them went above and beyond to make our upgrade successful. I know that without the dedication from the team, this project would have exceeded the timelines excessively. From gathering requirements, to development, to testing, to rolling this application out to production users, everyone stayed focused and determined that we, as a team, would be successful."

Managing Director,
Norsk Synergi AS Norway

"Enaviya has successfully complemented and implemented various online projects for OgilvyOne Worldwide. Throughout our partnership with them on the various projects, they have demonstrated an outstanding commitment, a co-operative team spirit, flexibility and a sound knowledge of various technologies. In addition, I have always found Enaviya to be available to answer questions and go the extra mile on many occasions."

Management Supervisor, Ogilvy One
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Custom Software Development

With custom software application development services, the company can obtain customised software purely based on the need of the company to help fulfil their business objectives.

Enaviya's custom software development services ensure that your company's business strategies and requirements are effectively met by the software built for you. Enaviya's software development team exhaustively studies your objectives and software requirements, designs, architects, develops and tests the software with the help of their experienced business analysts and application developers.

Summary of Software Expertise
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We Know Business

Business intelligence aims to provide you with the information at the right time and format so that you make decisions with confidence for better business outcomes.

When your business is still in its initial stages, putting all the data into spreadsheets will
get the job done. But once it starts to grow, your need to understand the massive amounts of data
to make high risk decisions also rises.

Our Resources:
  • Business Performance Management
  • Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Benchmarking
  • Predictive Analytics
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Technology Capabilities

Our expertise covers platform technologies (.NET and Java), webservices, mobile technologies, communication protocols, embedded systems, legacy programming languages and EAI. We also have extensive experience on multi-tier architecture frameworks ranging from mainframes, to client/servers, to web-based systems and SOA.

How We Work With You

Call:  +91-80-42401717