Matrimonial & Dating Website Development

The rapid rise in enhanced internet connectivity across the globe has made it feasible for people across the world to find their ideal match online. Technology has made it completely easy for people to find like-minded partners online to date or in some cases even their soul mate that they end up marrying. Dating portal focus on the former and matrimonial portal focuses on the latter. Matrimonial and dating websites are a boon to matrimonial agents and people who are looking to find love and even their soul mate online. This has led to a sharp rise in the creation of dating and matrimonial websites.

We provide holistic solutions to developing dating and matrimonial websites. The web development for this involves a large focus on the human component of co-ordination, management and control of operations relating to matchmaking online. We can make task execution related match filtering effortless with our highly user friendly interface which is focused on providing a rich user experience and engagement.

  • Matrimonial and Dating websites call for a great degree of task simplification for the user which increases the ease with which a user can connect with an individual of interest
  • Security and verification features are integrated into such sites which ensure genuine users are assured against encounters with fraudulent or unwanted users
  • The user interface is geared towards a user friendly feel to ensure the user feels comfortable using the app

Our unique brand of web development for matrimonial and dating website involves integration of background checks into the interface along with site functionality that will put the user at ease. We offer web development features which are highly intuitive in such complex applications such as:

  • The matrimonial and dating websites will have various subscription plans tailored to suit the user's interest
  • The website will have a much needed search option by location/keyword/age which is central to any good dating or matrimonial website or mobile app
  • Seamless integration across various browsers across different platforms
  • Mobile app support across existing mobile platforms since mobile apps are most used in such websites
  • Features of saving user favourites, blocking undesirable users
  • Effortless and easy member registration features on website, along with provisions of easy profile management
  • Communication features such as chat, messaging, message boards central to inter-user interaction
  • Administrator profile management including special control over user profiles

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