"Expense management system is an easy-to-use, faster reimbursements and consolidated travel booking from various communication media"

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Travel Money Management Software

Automated Expenses Claim System

Money matters the most! EnavExpense handles your cash carefully. Integrated secure features enable smooth transactions of all kinds. We care for your money.

Features of Travel Expenses Claim System

Invoice Processing

EnavExpense is designed to capture and process invoices from various communication media. Once captured, they are all electronically filed in one centralised location for easy access and easy archiving. Easily look up your billing history and expenses with EnavExpense invoice management. Provision is also made to approve them from mobile device, we deliver flexible solutions!

  • Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy
  • Secure Filing
  • Easy Record Retrieval
  • Flexible Approval Options


Classify your employees travel expenses with a fixed travel budget. Budgeting is really important to define your company's travel expenditure. Everyone gets the right amount based on their designation and other company policies. EnavExpense will automatically analyse your requirement and segregate amounts. Hassel free expense dispersion guaranteed.

  • Automatic Fund Dispersion
  • Policy Based Separation
  • Works with Fixed or Variable Budget
  • Manual Override
  • Vendor Management

    Do you already have an in-house travel agency, or do you need to retrieve data from an ERP package? EnavExpense and do it all. Do you source from multiple travel agents? You have no need to change anything when migrating to EnavExpense ! Easily modifiable, EnavExpense will blanket your present system, integrating itself and provide you with an enhanced interface and business experience.

    • Multiple Vendor Configuration
    • Reallocating Present Resources
    • ERP Integration
    • Easy Configuration

    Multiple Currency Management

    EnavExpense is built to handle currencies of all formats. It has an integrated list which automatically revises to the latest currency values of the day. EnavExpense ensures no error in handling multiple currencies and transactions within the same. Accurate exchange and VAT deductions done easy, only with EnavExpense .

    • Easy Currency Conversion
    • Country wise Tax Calculation
    • ERP Integration
    • Easy Configuration

    Smart Reimbursement

    With Enaviya EnavExpense your reimbursement system is streamlined. You will be spending less time worrying about dues and more time on generating profits for your company. It reduces the time required for the entire reimbursement process from approvals to bank transactions. This unique feature of EnavExpense keeps you in control of your expenses. Streamlined cash flow, availing potential corporate savings, eliminating billing redundancy, easy to track expenses; need we say more?

    • Easy Dues Calculation
    • Profit and Expense Correlation
    • Complete Expense Control
    • No Billing Redundancy
    • Huge Potential Savings

    VAT Recovery

    Worried about Value Added Tax? We have a solution. EnavExpense comes in-built with a list of VAT rates, updated regularly. Various rates will be applied to your transactions instinctively by our system. All possible chances to avail VAT refunds as well as VAT reclaims when travelling abroad. Track your VAT claims with the online tracking facility. With EnavExpense, your VAT expenses are under control.

    • Item wise Calculation
    • Up to Date VAT Database
    • Updated Regularly
    • Calculation of Potential Savings
    • Reclaim Calculation
    • Integrated for Seamless Operation